Active Threat Intervention Training

We do not know when or where, but we do that the next active shooting event will happen.

From schools to offices, shopping centers and public venues, we are all at risk of facing this

event. Acts of violence of all kinds are experienced daily in offices and business around the


While we may not know when it could happen, we should never be caught off guard when it does. As an employer or employee there are techniques and responses that can help you, your staff and workmates come out alive.

Our professional instructors will come to your place of work or gathering and conduct a physical threat assessment and then create an active threat response plan that is tailored to your location and demographic.

It will then then be presented to you and your staff in a 1 day course at your location, hands on training will be provided with scenario events to allow everyone involved a chance to practice their appropriate response. We will also teach trauma first aid and CPR as medical aid may not be immediately available during or after the incident. The scenario event will then be reviewed with all participants. 

This course is a great way to begin the process of ensuring your staff are as safe as possible.

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